Decotah Jackson

Horses on Lubrisyn!

I have many of my horses on Lubrisyn. All of my performance horses and a few of my family's carriage horse teams are on Lubrisyn!




Rocket is a 16yr. old Quarter Horse. He has been on "Lubrisyn" for three years now. When we first bought him he would ring his tail while he was running, stop on his front end, and he would not set at the barrels or poles. When we put him on "Lubrisyn" it  changed him completely  he quit ringing his tail, started setting on his backend, and rating down at the barrels and poles. After he had been on "Lubrisyn" for two weeks his coat began to get a beautiful shine and the shine has stayed, he looks great!



Haze: Haze is a 19 year old gelding. I have been blessed to borrow him from a wonderful friend, when we brought him home she told us she had been changing joint supplements every two months because he would stop eating them. We put him on Lubrisyn and he loves it he has been on it for over a year and eats it great ; it has also improved his performance. He and I have qualified for the Texas High School Rodeo State Finals in barrel racing. Thank you Lubrisyn for keeping Haze running hard and eating great! Haze was recently taken back to his owner, and is no longer at my house. I am unaware if he is still on Lubrisyn, but he was on it until the day he left my house!


Disco: Disco is a 22 year old Mare. When we bought her she was on Lubrisyn and she is amazing. She acts as if she were half her age! She is my breakaway roping and goat tying horse! Disco and I are preparing to compete and the Texas State High School Rodeo Finals!  Thank you Lubrisyn and Cassidy! 





Champ is a 24 year old quarter horse, he is my breakaway roping horse. When we first bought him he would not trot, he would only walk and lope. He also had issues stopping abruptly. He was fed a dose of bute each night to keep him running. When we bought him we took him off the bute and put him on Lubrisyn he now has no issues stopping and trotting is a part of his daily schedule and he performs it with ease.





 Miss Hollywood: Miss Hollywood is a 9 year old mare. She has a few soundness issues so we put her on Lubrisyn, Today she is one of the best polebending horses I have ever ridden! She has qualified us for the State High School Rodeo Finals. She has been on Lubrisyn since she was 6 and is doing awsome!! Thank you Lubrisyn! 


 Sassy- Sassy is a 12 year old Haflinger mare. She has a click in her ankle, when she is on Lubrisyn she works great. If she skips a day she will rear up, run off, and growl. She is and ex-driving pony and has a long history, she is terrified of harnesses and buggies. I have been told to put a bullet ing her head. You just have to understand her. She is comming along great as a polebending, barrel racing, goat tying, and practice breakaway pony you can even hullahoop on her back!. Thank you Lubrisyn for keeping her future bright.



 Tonto- Tonto is a 18 year old paint! He was starved as a colt (before we bought him) and it stunted his growth. He is considered a pony due to the fact he is 14.2 hands. He is a 3x State qualifier in goat tying! I retired him for a year to give his mind a break! He is now being legged back up, is back on Lubrisyn, an I will start tying off him when he gets in shape!! He loves his Lubrisyn and it makes a huge difference in him!! Thank you Lubrisyn for all of your support and for keeping my horses running good!!!!



Birdy and Beth are a team of percheron whelch cross driving ponies. They pull carriages for all types of events and they are on Lubrisyn to keep their joints healthy and them comfortable. Thank you to Lubrisyn for keeping the girls pulling strong and comfortable.  

Mack and Majestic are a tream of Haflingers. They are the two horses who started our carriage company we bought them when they were 12 and 15, they are now 20 and 23 and still working. They love what they do and give 100% every time, thanks to Lubrisyn they are still able to do what they love, they are still running, bucking, and acting like youngsters when they are turned out.


Doc is a 10 year old paint gelding! We picked him up from a friend in June of 2012, borrowed him for 8 months, then in February of 2013 the friend gave Doc to my mom! He was started on Lubrisyn the day we picked him up. He has a few issues we are working through with his patterns,but he is improving! We will begin to haul him this year! Thank you Lubrisyn for keeping his joints moving great!!



Charlie- is a 6 year old miniature paint pony! He only stands about 28 inches tall. He is a registered miniature that was taken to nursing homes as a 2 year old, but was soon released due to the fact he bites! He is very playful and smart. Last year he began to limp, at first we thought he was foundering, but soon it was apparent it was his joints in his front legs! We put him on Lubrisyn and he has been much better! Thank you Lubrisyn for helping my little Charlie!

Dodge is a miniature Hereford. He is about 7 years old and was turned out at a friends place for a few years, he is  now back at out house! He is ride able, knows a few tricks, leads, ties, allows all of his feet to be picked up and allows Daisy the Duck to ride on his back. He has slight arthritis but with the help of Lubrisyn he is getting better!