Decotah Jackson

                     ~Decotah Jackson's Photos ~







Decotah and Miss Hollywood! 


 Decotah and Champ!





 Rocket Man and I!!! This horse is AMAZING!!! He is a true blessing in my life!!!




  Rocket and I at the YRA in Gonzales, 3-22-13


Disco, Me, and Rocket with our 5th place poles hay bag, 10th place breakaway buckle, and 8th place goat tying buckle. -3/22/13




So blessed Rocket and I  were okay! We had our angels with us again!!!!

We enter this arena as a team, and we will exit as a team no matter what may happen in between! 




I am a great champion when I ran the ground shook, the sky opened, and mere mortals parted the way to victory. Where I met my owner in the winner's circle, where she put a blanket of flowers on my back!~ Dreamer 

---A champion is not the horse that always wins everything, a Champion is a horse that has a spirit that can't be broken, a desire to win stronger than he can control, loves with all his heart, gives you 100% everytime he performs, will protect you before himself, and is able to rise above the rejections and defeat the odds! That is a champion, and winning is just one little part of his glory!!!


         ~Texas High School Rodeo State Finals 2012~


 Pole Bending 1st Go on Miss Hollywood!

Pole Bending 2nd Go on Miss Hollywood!

Barrel Racing 1st Go on Haze! 

 Barrel Racing 2nd Go on Haze!


Breakaway Roping 1st Go on Disco!

Breakaway Roping 2nd Go on Disco!

Goat Tying 1st Go on Disco!

Goat Tying 2nd Go on  Disco!